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The late Atty. Jose Villasin was born October 2, 1923. He was an   excellent father, who taught all his children the art of Balintawak Arnis .  Two of the children, Ver aka"Boy Villasin" and John studied Balintawak Arnis seriously, continuing until they became instructors themselves. Atty. Jose Villasin represented one of the biggest Labor group in Cebu City the Allied Labor Union also known as ALU. He was the first President of Balintawak International Self-Defense Club then a misnomer at that time when the Club was hardly even recognized outside Cebu City. But now, with the increasing popularity of Eskrima abroad, the name Balintawak has become a buzz word in the international Filipino Martial Arts community.

Atty. Villasin was one of the few articulate students of the legendary Balintawak inventor GM Venancio Anciong Bacon. He documented the salient moves of the diminutive Grandmaster and organized it into groupings. It was an attempt for the first time to systematize the genius and Art of Venancio Bacon as a tool to teach the Art efficiently and with a progression that is designed not only to produce proficient fighters but instructors as well.


The late Grandmaster Jose Villasin
With student Roland Dantes
With student Sam Buot

With student demo hubod
with student Bobby Taboada
With student Johny Chiuten

Great Grandmaster Jose Villasin